Duralite will manufacture a custom trailer to suit your pride and joy.  We specialise in High Quality Aluminium boat trailers and regardless of what type of vessel you have we can build a trailer to suit.

We also manufacture a range of standard or customised Plant trailers to suit your plant or equipment. And as always we will use the best parts we can source from local and international suppliers.


Monohull Trailers

Dual Axle 3.5Ton Ali Trailer

From single-axle 2T trailers up to tri-axle 14T Air brake trailers. We cover it all


Catamaran Trailers

Dual axle 4.5 Ton Catamaran trailer

Dual Axle or Tri Axle Premium trailers  up to 14T to suit any hull shape. We do either welded or bolt together construction and will design to suit your boats specific tunnel shape

Plant Trailers

Heavy Duty 4.5 Ton Plant trailer

Plant trailers to suit any type of equipment either from our standard range or custom made to suit your specific requirements.

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