BUYER BEWARE: The Risks Of Imported Trailer

You may be completely unaware that the onus is on you in relation to importing trailers with an ATM of less than 4500kgs – not the national importer or the local roads department.

There is no formal certification process and it is 100% your responsibility to ensure that your imported trailer complies with VSB1, any related Australian Design Rules and any related Australian Standards. The fact is that most imported trailers are not manufactured to meet Australian Standards and modifications can be very costly if at all physically possible.

the facts

When an individual or company imports a trailer, they sign a government document stating that the imported trailer complies with VSB1 or the related Australian Standards – effectively self certifying that the trailer is safe and legal.

When the trailer is registered the individual or company again signs a declaration (in some States misleading information can lead to 12 months imprisonment and fines) stating the trailer complies with ADRs and VSB1.

Unfortunately, there are very few people in this country that have a full understanding of VSB1, the ADRs and Australian Standards. And a false declaration is very serious.

Some companies in Australia claiming to certify trailers have been found to be incorrect. If the trailer is purchased through a dealership, the onus is still on you to ensure it is legal and safe on the road. The fundamentals of the ADRS and VSB1 are safety on our roads; ignorance is not a defense.

The paper trail is very real for the life of an imported trailer that you ‘signed off’ as compliant and safe for our roads. You are accepting full responsibility for this – BE AWARE.

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