Duralite Aluminium Boat Trailers are manufactured in the Perth suburb of Kewdale. The company has been producing dependable, high quality trailers for the marine industry since 2004.

Duralite Trailers are made from Construction marine grade aluminium, constructed entirely with stainless steel bolts and Ubolts, so there are no welds to crack and they will never rust. Every component is engineered for superior strength, durability specifically for the marine environment.

Designed for the commercial fisher provided for the recreational enthusiast.

Duralite Trailers are available for Aluminium and fibreglass boats from 5.4 m – 11.0 m in length. The trailers are fully adjustable for optimum weight distribution, and they meet all Australian regulations and standards. The strength of Duralite’s alloy “I” beam frames has been proven to withstand the harsh marine environment with the use from all major Austrailan Government agencies clocking up thousands of hours Duralite is proud to have their trailers on the for front of Border protection, Law Enforcement agencies. The weld-free construction of Duralite trailers is crack and rust resistant and up to 50% lighter than with traditional steel trailers! As a result,

Duralite trailers will carry up to 50% more than steel trailers with the same TARE, helping to maintain the ATM below the legal limit, while permitting a heavier boat to be towed by a traditional 4WD.

Duralite trailers also provide a smoother ride for your boat. The independent torsion suspension under each trailer offers progressive rate resistance – providing the best, maintenance-free shock absorption. The system has no leaf springs, so you don’t have the concern of replacing rusty springs in a few years time.


In the stopping department, Duralite Trailers are equipped with only the best equipment. The Brake-Rite electric/hydraulic actuator (including brake-away) offers fast brake response, delivering 1,200 psi within one second. Kodiak heavy duty ventilated discs and large size calipers – together with stainless steel and silver cadmium plated components – ensures durability, reliable braking, and improved safety.


Contact: Duralite Trailers (08) 9359 0235 or visit new.duralitetrailers.com.au


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