Fishing Reel Maintenance

Most of us clean our boats after every fishing trip. We clean most of our equipment but many times we neglect our fishing reels. Failure to clean your fishing reels can lead to a short life span and costly repairs.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Reel cleaning is easy and everyone can do it within a short amount of time and few basic tools. You can visit the Reel Manufacturer for a diagram of your fishing reel. This will help in disassembly and re-assembling your reel.

Prepare a work area. A table makes a great place to clean fishing reels. You’ll need an old towel put the parts on while you clean them. A white towel works the best, this allows you to see your parts better.

Cleaning fishing tackle, especially saltwater fishing tackle, is very important to get all the corrosion causing salt from your reels and rods. Never leave you saltwater fishing tackle sitting after coming back from a fishing trip! Wash and rinse immediately or risk permanent damage from salt corrosion.

Use a container of hot water with some soap like Dawn dish soap to clean your reel and parts. Make sure they are dry before lubricating them, you can use a hair dryer to dry them befor reassembling them.

Use reel oil, not WD-40. WD-40 can leave residue which attracts dirt. Use a high quality reel oil and grease.

More is not better! You just need a tiny bit of reel oil and reel grease. Using to much oil or grease in your reel can slow the performance down.

Make sure you clean all the crud off the drags. Then apply a tiny amount of drag grease to them. Once re-assembled, tighten them down and then release them.

Use the correct tools. Use a small set of screwdrivers or the wrench that came with your reel. Pliers mar the finish and can damage fishing reel parts.

Not for the mechanically challenged. You can send your reels off and have them professionally cleaned. The small amount of money you pay now will help your reel last a lifetime.

Regular maintenance of your fishing reels is essential to a long, trouble free life.

• Clean your reel after each saltwater trip

• After each daily use, rinse your rod and reel with a deep fresh water soaking
• Do not lay reel on the ground.

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