Trailers over 4.5 Ton

Legally all trailers with a GVM (including Load) of greater than 4.5 ton needs to be engineered for their load capacity and be air braked. 

Duralite Trailers in conjunction with registered engineers have developed a number of ADR compliant designs for Trailers from 4.5 Ton – 14 Ton.

Please be aware that if you operate a trailer with a loaded weight over its registered GVM you are at risk of voiding the insurance of the tow vehicle, the trailer and the vessel on the trailer.  You also run the risk of being fined for an illegal load and being held liable for any accident that may occur. Because of this Duralite will not supply a trailer where it will be knowingly used for a GVM greater than its registered capacity.

Really it’s not worth running the risk! 

If you need more information on large capacity trailers feel free to contact us. We are always happy to share our knowledge on compliance issues and trailer design.  Alternatively you could contact your local transport authority or your insurance company and they will clarify the legal requirements to tow large boats.

But as with all our trailers we have a no compromise approach to quality and finish with these trailers.

Duralite trailers are built Right and built to last! 

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