Why duralite ?

Why buy the best boat trailer on the market?

Because we treat every trailer like it was our own and this is how we do it:

customized designs

Duralite happily customise our standard designs to suit your specific boat and your personal preferences in the configuration of the trailer and the features included.

Strength and durability

Duralite use custom made Marine grade aluminium designed for high strength and flexibility. Combine this with our cross member system and you have the most durable trailer chassis on the market.

Stainless hardware

Duralite use only marine grade stainless steel hardware on our trailers. Our bolted connections give a high strength, flexible trailer which will not fatigue and crack from road vibrations like conventionally welded trailers.

Improved Braking

Duralite use American made braking systems with heavy duty callipers and ventilated rotors. This vastly improves cooling to the callipers, rotors and bearings and helps prevent damage caused by overheating giving you long lasting reliable braking.

Independent Suspension

Duralite use Australian made fully galvanised torsion axle independent suspension. This virtually maintenance free axle system offers a smoother ride and is just as stable as conventional load sharing springs. It also allows a lower profile trailer allowing for easier launching and retrieval.

Superior seals

Duralite use the highest quality double lip marine grease seals in the industry for better protection against water ingress and bearing damage.

Premium brake Actuators

Duralite use only Hydrastar brake actuators which are the most reliable, commercial grade electric over hydraulic brake actuators on the market. Hydrastar provide the fastest and strongest brake stopping power available.

Brake System Location

Duralite mount the brake actuator and breakaway brake system high on the winch post to ensure they are out of the wet area during boat launching and retrieval.

Custom Brake Lines

Duralite use custom made rubber coated braided flexi brake lines with brass fitting ends made to Australian standards. They are made with a tough rubber outer coating to prevent damage and corrosion from stones, road debris and salt water.

“Durabunk” drive-on  design

All standard Duralite trailers use durabunk poly-composite marine skids. They are fully adjustable to any hull shape allowing up 150% more hull support to prevent hull damage. They are attached to the trailer using a custom aluminium bracket and stainless steel hardware. The Durabunk design ensures that the hull “self-aligns” when the boat is driven onto the trailer aligning it with the forward “V” guide and bow roller every time.

Heavy Duty Winch

Duralite use Steadfast winches, one of the strongest most reliable winches on the market. All steadfast winches are galvanised and designed for boat trailer applications with 2 or 3 speed gear ratios. All of the Duralite Steadfast winches are custom wound with premium high strength, low stretch Dyneema® Rope and large snap hooks.


Duralite use load-rated galvanised rims on all our trailers up to 15” and above this size we use aluminium mag wheels.

Superior lighting system

Duralite use only premium grade LED brand submersible lights connected with Deutsch brand water proof connectors. Our system is not a “loop design” each light is individually wired from the sealed junction box. Joins in the junction box are done using insulated connectors and sprayed with electrical grease. The complete system virtually eliminates the potential for corrosion and allows for easy replacement of lights should they get damaged.

backup and support

Duralite stand by every trailer we make with a comprehensive warranty on our parts and workmanship. We offer ongoing maintenance, service and parts supply to all our clients.

Duralite Trailers build trailers up to 14,000kg GVM for more information on any of our trailers please contact:

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