After investing good money into your boat, it’s important to choose an appropriate boat trailer to ensure safety, reliability and ease of use, (no more stress at the boat ramp)!

Each boat is different. They are made from various materials and all have unique hull shapes making it near impossible to build a one-type-fits-all style of trailer for a given size vessel. For this reason we carefully customise each trailer we build to perfectly fit your boat and your unique requirements.


Catering for monohulls and catamarans, all Duralite boat trailers are custom built to suit your specific boat and we take great care in setting up the trailer to work with your hull form. This becomes critical for proper weight distribution which affects safe road travel and braking.

As we build to suit, we can add any custom features you require to your trailer, we would be more than happy to work with you to fully customise your trailer to suit your specific needs. See our optional upgrades below.


Catamarans come in all shapes and sizes and we tailor our designs to suit your boat. We have built aluminium trailers for Cat boats from 5m – 12m and 2 Ton – 14 Ton.

All our trailers from 2T to 4.5T use Hydrastar electric over hydraulic brake control system. For specialised trailers larger than this we use custom manufactured light-truck axles with air brake systems.


All our Monohull Boat trailers are custom built to suit your specific boat. We take great care in setting the trailer up to work with your hull form.

Our maintenance free dura-bunk design is optimised for ease of launch and retrieval for both drive-on boat trailer or winch-on applications.


Many accessories are available for boat trailers. While some are essential, others are beneficial extras to make your boating adventures easier, safer and more enjoyable. Here is a list of our most popular optional extras available.


Spray nozzles are installed at each brake assembly to simplify the washing of brakes and torsion axle suspension components. Simply plug in your hose!

Stainless Steel

Upgrade from Dacromet coated brake components to full marine grade 316 Stainless Steel. Includes: – 316 DEEMAXX Stainless Callipers – 316 DEEMAXX Stainless Rotors – 316 DEEMAXX Stainless Mounting Plate


The Ultimate in launch and retrieval systems! BoatCatch is a marine grade stainless steel automatic latching system fully installed. Perfect for drive-on trailers.

Electric Winches

Supply and install heavy duty Sherpa electric winch with including cabling and Anderson plug.


Supply and install aluminium expanded mesh walkway to make retrieving the boat easy.

Extendable Drawbars

The ultimate beach-launch addition! Slide out drawbars up to 2m.

Dropdown spare

Pivoting drop down spare wheel mounted on hub. (typically bought with extendable drawbar).


Supply and install custom front ladder to client specification.

Hinging Drawbars

Supply and install hinging drawbar for those tight storage situations.

Keel Rollers

Add fixed keel rollers arrangement to any trailer.

Spare Hub and bearing Mount

Mount the spare tire on a replacement hub and bearing set for emergency brakedowns.

enjoy stress-free boating with a duralite trailers

Duralites boat trailers give you peace of mind when embarking on your next boating adventure.

Our aim is the make towing you boat to and from each adventure is as easy and stress-free as possible.

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